Elliot Lake Mining Monument

The City of Elliot Lake commissioned Laura to create the Elliot Lake Mining Monument as a tribute to miners, their families and to preserve the history of the mines that were so important to the development of Elliot Lake.

This monuments focal point is highlighted by a seven-foot bronze miner, accompanied by his daughter. When mining operations ceased around the region of Elliot Lake, all the mining head frames, once a landmark, were dismantled; framing father and daughter is a reconstruction of an iconic head frame, authentically constructed using eighteen foot BC fir, complete with an actual shivel wheel. The head frame once again stands as a permanent reminder of a once common site. Connected to the head frame are three eight-foot granite columns. One column includes an engraved map of the area showing the location of every mine within the region. The other columns are engraved with the history and statistics for each mine including their production of ore.