Maquette for Prospector Monument

The Prospector monument is the final piece of the commemorative Mining Trilogy and will be officially unveiled September 3rd 2021. . Finishing the Prospector completes the Mining Trilogy enhancing the memorial park experience for tourists, residents alike who are paying homage to the heritage of the mining community. It was important to include "The Prospector', honoring the persons who discovered the massive uranium deposit in the area afterwhich entrepreneurs built the mines, and miners and their families work and built a beautiful community. I am a proud Elliot Laker and have proposed to fund the life-size bronze prospector myself by selling  art - I need your help!

Buy art, commission a project for your company, community or home, or kindly fund this project.

The project costs are enormous, including bronze casting and installing the granite backdrop for the Prospector Monument. I have ensured completion and installation to the City for fall 2021. 

Please, every dollar is going to fund this project

Thanks for your support!

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