Elliot Lake Mining Memorial

In the early 1950s, a large ore body of uranium was discovered in the Canadian Shield near Elliot Lake, Ontario. For the next forty years, Elliot Lake mines produced most of the world's uranium. With the public success of the Mining Monument, Laura set out to design a Mining Trilogy, and in 2006, was commissioned to build the second tribute,"Elliot Lake Mining Memorial" to honour those who lost their lives from injuries sustained on the job. 

The memorial consists of three eight by four granite columns on which are engraved the 360 names of fallen miners. The three granite columns are arranged to form an enclave, where visitors can quietly remember the victims and privately mourn their passing.

Within the enclave, a bronze miner sits on fossilized regional stone with his lunch pail beside him. The miner's attire and lunch pail are an accurate rendition of the working clothes of the era. The miner's lamp serves as a perpetual flame, a tribute to the fallen miners.